feather awards

Feather Awards Categories

Feather Awards Categories:

We celebrate the extraordinary achievements of ordinary women everywhere; women who have accomplished great things quietly and without recognition. 

The categories have been adapted and are as follows:

1.     Business Icon and Entrepreneur

In this category we recognise women who have turned a vision into a thriving business enterprise or distinguished herself in academic work, career, leadership or public service development.

In so doing, the nominee has developed a sustainable business that provides employment for others or has enabled/inspired others to become entrepreneurs or has made a positive impact through her ongoing commitment to the business community as a role model, mentor or champion. She is a leader and inspiration to others and has made a commendable contribution to the SME or corporate arena.

2.     Community Builder and Humanitarian

In this category, we celebrate the selfless humanitarian efforts of women who have made the lives of others better, fuller and richer with meaning. She has reached out, served, and improved fellow South Africans’ circumstances. She is the champion of her cause and creates positive social change by increasing equality for all.

She may serve as a volunteer or pioneer, whether individually or as part of an organisation.

3.     Heroine

In this category we recognise the daring adventurers, courageous survivors, sports women and tenacious characters who never give in. These women are leaders, committed human beings and heroines!

These are the women who have fulfilled their dreams by facing insurmountable obstacles and adversities and have overcome these by their inner strength and will to survive. The Heroine is an inspirational woman and her story encourages and uplifts others.

4.     Arts, Culture and Heritage

In this category we recognise the filmmakers, actors, radio and TV entertainers, musicians, artists, authors, and the women who contribute towards arts, culture and heritage.

These women have contributed to the growth and success of others by applying their personal talents and convictions and have set a standard of passion, truth, spirit and commitment.

Their stories are inspiring, controversial, courageous, passionate, and purposeful. 


Nomination Criteria:

  • It is FREE to nominate and participate
  • Correct selection of category
  • All related details supplied (name, contact information)
  • Substantial motivation for nomination
  • Nominees to be South African residents
  • Nominees have to accept their nominations, have the opportunity to change the category with acceptance; and supply additional information
  • Nominations can be done on-line, from digital or print media; or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.