feather awards

Nomination criteria and Judging



Nomination Criteria:

  • It is FREE to nominate and participate
  • Correct selection of category
  • All related details supplied (name, contact information)
  • Substantial motivation for nomination
  • Nominees to be South African residents
  • Nominees have to accept their nominations, have the opportunity to change the category with acceptance; and supply additional information
  • Nominations can be done on-line, from digital or print media; or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Feather Awards Nominees/Candidates

What are we looking for?

  • The motivation for achievement for the specific category is significant and prominent
  • The nominee has made a tangible difference in the category for which she has been nominated
  • Her efforts have touched the lives of at least one other person significantly


Process from Nominee to Semi-finalist:

  • Nominee must accept nomination
  • Nominee is a South African resident
  • Nominee can verify category and supply additional information
  • Nominee profiles are updated with new information
  • Judges judge by means of an electronic point scoring process
  • Top scorers from each category (all judges) become Semi-finalists - this is a completely fair process where the scores from all 4 judges combined automatically select the top scorers from each category who become Semi-finalists.


Feather Awards Semi-finalists

What are we looking for?

  • Semi-finalists are ladies who are role-models and want to influence others to make a difference
  • Women who are solution and results orientated
  • Ladies who have a broader vision in terms of the role of women in society


Process from Semi-finalist to finalist:

  • Semi-finalists are advised of status
  • An electronic interview is conducted with each Semi-finalist
  • Semi-finalist profiles are updated with additional information
  • Judges judge by means of an electronic point scoring process on more detailed profiles
  • The 5 top scorers from each category considering the scores from all 4 judges then become the finalists


Feather Awards Finalists

What are we looking for?

  • We are looking for the ladies and contributions that truly stand out from the rest
  • Women who are determined and vision-driven and who are most likely to continue making a difference


Process from Finalist to winner:

  • Finalists are advised of status
  • All finalists need to confirm & supply:
  • Attendance to Gala Event
  • Supply additional information, photos and answers to questions (for example winners message or any other request for multi-media or other materials needed for Gala Event.
  • Confirm that they will embark on Media interviews or Charity/Mentorship if they win the category in question
  • Finalist profiles are updated with relevant and additional information
  • Finalist profiles and all related information is prepared for final judging event
  • A formal Judging event, attended by all Judges and considering various criteria for each category establishes the winner of that category (only announced at the Gala event)


  • IMPORTANT: From hundreds of nominations, to be one of the 5 finalists of each category is indeed an achievement. Truly, this judging event is very difficult since EVERY SINGLE finalist is a winner. The only way that the judges are able to fairly select a winner for the category is to look which one of the finalists most closely match the description of the particular category and this is also motivated at the Gala Event during the Awards Ceremony.


  • All finalists and partners join the Gala event in celebration of their achievement and to spoil them with an evening of being a princess, being recognized and they are showered with gifts and a certificate of achievement


Feather Awards Winners

  • Announced at the formal Gala Event
  • Required to support charity or mentorship projects and media interviews
  • Receives a “Feather Awards Trophy and an array of awesome prizes; usually totaling R30 000 plus for each winner
  • Winners and profiles are updated to the Female Tribe Platform & released to the media post event